Tours Process

All our tours are teacher led.  If you’re interested in sending your child for a tour, please send us the contact information of the concerned teacher in his/her school. We will contact the school authorities and pursue it further. Once the school approves the tour, students can register for the tour.

Registration and Documentation
You need to fill in the registration form provided and submit the necessary documents along with the registration fees.

The most important document is a valid passport. Your child’s passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months from your date of travel. If your child does not have a passport or if the passport is about to expire, you need to get it made/renewed as soon as you decide to send your child for the tour.

Other documents required could include bank statement for last six months, income tax returns for three years and id proof of parents.

Depending on  the countries that you will be visiting, your child might have to attend a visa interview in the embassy/consulate of the country issuing the visa. We will take the visa appointments and communicate the dates to you.  Your child will also be provided a detailed briefing about what to expect during your visa interview.

Your child will have to be present on the date of the visa interview at the embassy/consulate at the time communicated to you. If the embassy/consulate is not located in your city, your child will have to travel to the embassy/consulate at your  expense.

Manage Deadlines
Frontiers Education makes all the arrangements for your tour months in advance. It is important for you to adhere to all the payment deadlines provided to you to ensure that your child’s reservation is secure.

Get Prepared For The Tour
You will receive a detailed itinerary, details of hotels and a copy of your ticket from us.  Students should spend some time on preparation work. Your child should read up about the places you are about to visit. If your child is participating in the Space School program, he/she should read our list of suggested websites to increase your knowledge about NASA, Robotics, Rockets, and the Space Program.

Read our instructions for students and packing tips. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions. It is important to read the code of conduct for students and explain it to your child.

Students need to be present at the airport at the appointed time. Usually, four hours before the flight. It takes several hours to check in, go through immigration and security check. Boarding for the flight commences 1 hour before the flight and ends 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Before departure, your child will receive instructions about immigration and customs forms to be filled in for the country where you will be landing.  

Enjoy The Tour:
A tour director from Frontiers Education will lead your tour. The role of the tour director is to ensure that everything proceeds as per plan. Your child can contact the tour director anytime in case he/she need any help or advice. Your child needs to follow all instructions of the tour director and strictly stick to the timings communicated to the students.