Camp KSC - Orlando

Kennedy Space Center is America’s gateway to the Universe. It is the location from where man set off on a historic voyage to land on the moon and from where all of NASA’s missions are launched into Space.  The Camp KSC programme at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is a unique opportunity for students to connect with the future and learn an early appreciation for engineering, technology, science and space travel.

During the three day camp at Kennedy Space Center students will:

Presentation By An Astronaut

Students will have the opportunity of meeting an actual NASA astronaut, who will make a presentation about his / her experiences in space and the future of space exploration. Students are encouraged to ask questions and interact with their astronaut guest.

Tour of Kennedy Space Center

Students will be provided an exclusive guided bus tour of the space flight facilities at Kennedy Space Center. During the tour students will be transported to a viewing area for Launch Complex 39 to see the pad where Apollo 11 started its historic journey to the moon as well as the beginning of the majority of space shuttle missions. Students will also see the Shuttle Landing Facility, Orbiter Processing Facilities, the Space Shuttle Crawler Transporters and the huge Vehicle Assembly Building which is the tallest single storey building in the world. Kennedy Space Center is also the home of the retired Space Shuttle Atlantis. Students will be able to explore the actual Space Shuttle.

Students will also visit the spectacular Apollo Saturn V Center where they will encounter an actual moon rocket and witness man’s first launch to lunar orbit and the first step on the moon. A lunar rover and rock samples from the moon are also at display at the Saturn V Center. NASA Educators will introduce the concept of space travel by guiding students through the early years of NASA during the Rocket Garden and Early Space Exploration Tour. Students will encounter and photograph the actual rockets, spaceships, spacecraft and space suits from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programmes while hearing stories of early space heroes.

Astronaut Training Experience

Students will be put into the shoes for an astronaut for a day. Using the motion based astronaut training simulators modelled after the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle Programmes, students will get to experience the training that astronauts do before they launch into space.

Some of the motion based simulators include the Multi-Axis trainer, Micro-Gravity Wall and T-Chair (trajectory). After their training, students will participate in a full scale simulation of a space shuttle mission. Students will get vertical as they ride the Shuttle Launch Experience, an authentic flight simulator designed to replicate the thrill of launching into space aboard the Space Shuttle.


Students will be divided into small teams and will be presented with several engineering challenges. These include designing and building a truss structure similar to those that might be used aboard future spacecraft, designing and constructing a model rocket, designing a crew capsule that can safely land on the ground with a raw egg inside representing an astronaut.

Graduation Ceremony

The culmination of the three day education programme is the graduation ceremony. Each participant in the programme will awarded a certificate of completion.

Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World
After conclusion of the program at the Kennedy Space Center, students have the option of visiting one or more of the best theme parks in the United States. The options include Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure and Sea World. 

New York City, Washington DC, Niagara Falls and Boston
Students also have the option of visiting New York City, Washington DC, Niagara Falls and Boston. For more details about the add on tours click here