Leadership Conference

The Foroige International Youth Leadership Conference in Maynooth, Ireland is an international leadership programme for young people aged 15 – 18 who have demonstrated leadership abilities and aspire to being leaders in the future. It is designed to help these young people develop the attitude and skills of good leadership.

The conference is held over 5 days and includes small group workshops, inspirational guest speakers and extracurricular activities such as sports evening, quiz night, cultural talent show and tours of Irish cities.

The programme uses group work and individual reflection as well as practical projects to develop and expand leadership skills. Young people learn to look beyond themselves, at their communities and wider society when setting their leadership goals.

Foroige motivates young people to:

  • Take personal responsibility for exercising leadership
  • Develop an awareness of social needs and issues
  • Improve interpersonal and group communication skills
  • Create self-esteem
  • Exercise their leadership abilities in the communities where they live
  • Cultivate an understanding and appreciation of multi-culturalism
  • Instill a passion for community service


The programme is endorsed by UNESCO and the curriculum has been developed by the National University of Ireland-Galway and Foroige, the national youth development organization of Ireland.

Students between the ages of 15 to 18 who aspire to be leaders. Selection will be based on application and student resume.

Maynooth University (near Dublin)

Single rooms in the student residences at Maynooth University

After the conference ends, participants have the option of touring Dublin and other attractions in the vicinity.