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World Scholars Cup

  • World Scholars Cup - India
  • World Scholars Cup - India
  • World Scholars Cup
  • World Scholars Cup - India
  • World Scholars Cup - India
  • World Scholars Cup - India

World Scholar's CupThe World Scholar's Cup is a prestigious international team academic tournament with students participating from over 50 countries.  Each year, all teams explore and debate a current global theme. Within the specified theme, students look at specially-selected topics in Science & Technology, Art & Music, Literature, History, Social Studies and a Special Area. The theme for the current year is "A World Renewed". More information about the theme and the subjects can be obtained on this website 

Each participating team is composed of three students. The teams can be made up of students from the same school but teams with students from different schools are also permitted as independent teams. There is no limit to the number of teams that can participate from each school.  

There are both senior and junior divisions in the competition. Students between the ages of 11 to 14 participate in the junior division and students between the ages of 15 - 18 participate in the senior division. 

Tournament Format

The World Scholar's Cup consists of four main events: The Scholar's Challenge, Collaborative Writing, The Team Debate, and The Scholar's Bowl (Multimedia Quiz).  

Scholar's Challenge

The Scholar's Challenge is a multiple-choice exam given to each individual competitor to complete within 60 minutes. The Scholar's Challenge isn't a test of what students remember, it's a test of what they understand. Winners are awarded medals and there are winners declared for each subject. 

Team Debate

Each team debates three times against three other teams. Motions come from all the subject areas. Students may be debating questions of global policy or the meaning of a short story. Each member of a team speaks for up to four minutes. Debate is a chance to apply everything students have learned as a team, to make the most persuasive case possible.  

Collaborative Writing

Debate with a pen. Students are given six statements, each from a different subject area, and asked to choose one to argue for or against. Students get 30 minutes to prepare with their teammates, each student then gets an hour to compose the most persuasive essay possible. Each member of the team has to choose a different topic. 

Scholar's Bowl

The Scholar's Bowl is a team event usually held in a theatre. Teams work together to answer multiple-choice questions that are displayed on a large screen and must provide their answer through a clicker that connects to a scoring computer on stage. Students are given 30 seconds to solve tough multimedia challenges related to the theme. 

Awards Ceremony

Individual students earn prizes in every subject and every event - including trophies, certificates, and gold and silver medals. Team prizes for the best teams in the various events are also handed out. 

The top performing teams in each regional round qualify for the global round. The top teams at the Global Round are given the opportunity to participate in the Tournament of Champions at Yale University in the United States.   

Community Events


Scholar's Show

The scholar's show is an optional talent show, a chance for students to share something with the Scholar's Cup community, even if they are not experienced performers. 

Debate Showcase

The top individual debaters as nominated by the judges are put together in mixed teams to debate on the stage in front of the entire audience.

Scholar's Ball

Students have an opportunity to dance with their new found friends from across the world.



The World Scholar's Cup is conducted at several locations across the world. In India, it is conducted at Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Dehradun, Ajmer, Ghaziabad and Chandigarh. We are working on bringing it to more cities in India. If your school is interested in hosting a regional round of the World Scholar's Cup, please email us at


Age Group: 

11 years to 14 years (juniors) and 15 years to 18 years (seniors)


Please email us at for further details.

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