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World Scholars Camp


The World Scholar’s Camp in Singapore is the only enrichment experience in the world inspired by the World Scholar’s Cup®. Open to all secondary school students (ages 11-18) with a passion for learning and a sense of adventure.
The new World Scholar’s Camp in Ireland is more than an exciting way to prepare for the World Scholar’s Cup: it’s a total enrichment experience, and anyone can join! You’ll attend seminars with some of the world’s finest teachers and practice leadership, writing, and speaking skills that will benefit you in university and beyond. Plus, it ends with a mini-tournament, so you won’t only come home with improved skills, more knowledge, and new friends on Facebook—work hard and you’ll also be taking back a trophy.
Camp Highlights:
Development of public speaking, debating, collaborative writing and problem solving skills.
Discussion and seminars on current issues.
Team building activities, a mega dance and other social activities.
A World Scholars Cup tournament as the finale.
Camp Content Modules
Get to the heart of a changing world. Every morning, you’ll attend seminars on the most cutting-edge issues covered in the 2015 World Scholar’s Cup. 
Camp Skill Modules
Learn to win arguments. On Day One, you’ll practice the fundamentals of public speaking with the tournament director of the World Scholar’s Cup. Bring your outdoor voice and prepare to stand up straight.
Once you’ve mastered public speaking, it’s time to explore the art and craft of team debate. 
On Day Three, you’ll still be talking, but with your teammates. The focus is on collaborative writing and problem-solving: two group skills you’ll need not just at World Scholar’s Cup but in all your academic and professional pursuits. Working with Daniel Berdichevsky you’ll learn when, how, and how much to cooperate, and how to analyze and solve problems when the nick of time is all you’ve got.
Camp Evening Activities
It wouldn’t be Scholar’s Cup without a Scholar’s Scavenge. On your first night, you and your fellow campers will roam the campus of the National University of Ireland looking for obscure clues On Day Two, things get grittier with teambuilding activities. On the third night, but you’ll let loose the next day at the disco night.

Camp Finale
The camp finale will be an open round of the World Scholar's Cup where you can put the skills, you’ve just learnt, to good use.
Camp Dates:
July 19 - 21, 2015
Age Groups:  11 years to 14 years (Juniors) and 15 years to 18 years (seniors)
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