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Team Excellence

Team EXCELLENCE! is a five day, high impact, results-oriented programme for youth development conducted at Singapore in collaboration with Camp Challenge. The programme is designed to help students discover their individual strengths as well as to inspire others to achieve success, individually and as a team. Student participants will be challenged to come up with new ideas and innovate on older ones, discovering their role as contributing young citizens in this increasingly inter-connected global community.

Through adventure-based experiential learning programmes that focus on self-discovery, uncovering hidden talents and venturing beyond their comfort zones, the Team EXCELLENCE! programme provides participants the opportunity to attain the following

  • Becoming aware of own strengths & weaknesses
  • Believing in own untapped potential
  • Experiencing increased self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Accepting challenges & stretching beyond perceived limits
  • Developing better team spirit & interpersonal skills
  • Discovering an anchor in outdoor activities

The Team EXCELLENCE! programme has been specifically tailored for students using a problem-based learning approach to maximize learning and development. The action-packed activities are designed to simulate the challenges of life. The friendly instructors at the Camp guide and encourage the teams to perform their best. In addition, debrief sessions are organized each evening to draw out key learning points for the day.

All activities at CAMP CHALLENGE are 100% safe and are conducted under the supervision of high trained, experienced and motivated instructors.

Highlights of the program

High Elements - Balancing Beam, Burma Bridge, Postman Walk, Parallel Wires, Tyre Walk, Jacob’s ladder, Pamper Pole / Giant Swing. These activities are designed to get students out of their comfort zones and to transform fear into faith with encouragement from the instructors and group members.

Low Elements - Mohawk Walk and Whale Watch. These two activities help students to work together towards success by relying on one another. Students understand how each person contributes to the success of a task no matter what role he/she plays as well as the need for communication, team support & resource utilization.

Rafting Challenge at Sentosa - Student teams are challenged to build and design a raft using limited resources and with environmental constraints. Students then put on a life vest, test the raft in the water and race their raft against other teams. The objective is to help foster innovation, creativity and thinking out of the box.

The Great Singapore Race! - Spread over locations in Little India, Chinatown, City Hall and Bugis, students will be challenged to complete a set of tasks along the way. Using Global Positioning Devices (GPS) and other sophisticated digital equipment as aids, students must use innovation, resource allocation and strategic planning to complete their tasks efficiently and move to the next location.

Say CHEESE!! @ Singapore Zoological Garden - This activity is designed to take the participants through the sights and sounds of Singapore Zoo in a challenging and competitive environment. Teams must solve riddles and take photos of strategic an open zoo locations along the way to successfully complete their assigned tasks. Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoological gardens in Asia with hundreds of exotic animals from all over the world.

Laser Combat! - This challenge seeks to develop effective leadership and team bonding skills in students by engaging them in tactical activities with a role-playing theme. Playing the role of soldiers in a war, students use Infra-Red Taggers to engage in adrenaline pumping physical activities that involve mock combat with the opposing team and accomplishing the mission assigned to them.

Underwater World - Underwater world is the largest tropical oceanarium in Asia and provides students an opportunity to come face to face with thousands of marine creatures from different geographical regions of the world.

School Visit - Students will have an opportunity to visit a school in Singapore and interact with local students.

Age Group:12 to 18 years

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