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Space Academy Singapore

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Space Academy Singapore is Singapore’s premiere space training programme conducted with a special focus to promote science and engineering among students. The week long programme is conducted by current and former NASA engineers/scientists who are currently consultants to present-day NASA projects.

Space Academy Singapore is an academically rigorous programme with an intense focus on science and math as well as other areas such as personality and leadership development, communication skills and critical thinking.

Programme Highlights

The core modules of the programme include:

Rocket Propulsion

Students will learn the theory, history and modern approaches to rocket propulsion and rocket design. Working as a team, students will build high pressure water-rockets and evaluate their designs through a flight test. Later they will perform a systematic review of the activity: Comparison of computer simulation results, analysis, and flight data.

Systems Engineering

Students will learn the principles of project and risk management.

Satellite and Communication

In this module students will downlink data from an actual satellite over Singapore! They will understand how satellite orbits affect global communications and learn the fundamentals of antennas and ground stations

Advanced Robotics Systems

Students will participate in a Moon/Mars Rover Control Mission! They will operate an advanced robot and explore simulated Mars terrain.

Challenges in Space Environment

Students will learn about the biological issues human encounter in space environments and countermeasures one should take.

Fundamentals of Flight

This module will cover the history of flight, advancing aerospace technology through the years, principles of aeronautics and flight dynamics, engines, aerodynamics and basic principles of pilot training.

Advanced Aerospace Technology and next generation MRO

The module will cover the latest challenges in aircraft support services, maintenance in a new era of composites and new alloys, studies in lighter aircraft, “green” technology and the material sciences behind civil and military aircraft.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Programme

This module will cover fundamentals of integrating “man and machine” to form a formidable intelligence platform, with its relevance highlighted. As part of the programme, students will get to fly an AR Drone remotely controlled via an iphone or computer, and their drone is expected to pass through obstacles successfully.

Extreme Environment Training

Participants will be put to test in an extreme environment of -11 to -14 Degree Celsius at the Snow City. They will be expected to work, think and act fast if they want to survive in the cold, with a set of mission objectives to be completed. This activity requires physical and mental strength, fostering team work and critical thinking. Students will also undergo high element activities which students confront their fears, and at the same time, creates opportunities for observing human reaction in negotiating challenges. The objective of this session is to emphasize on the importance of team work as completing simple tasks will prove to be difficult under different conditions.

Underwater Training

Students will train using underwater equipment to replicate the feeling of weightlessness similar to what astronauts experience in space.

Programme Dates:

The faculty for this programme comprises of former and current NASA engineers and scientists who travel from USA. The programme is offered on selected dates in November, December, May and June each year. Other dates may be available on request.

Eligibility: Students between 14 to 18 years of age

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