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Model United Nations Conferences

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Model United Nations Conferences

Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the U.N. General Assembly and other multilateral bodies. Participants in a model UN conference research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems.

Model UN conferences promote student and teacher interest in international relations and related subjects. Participation in a conference not only involves students in the study and discussion of global issues, but also encourages the development of skills useful throughout their lives, such as research, writing, public speaking, problem solving, consensus building, conflict resolution and compromise and cooperation. Students get to meet new people and make new friends from all over the world.Each year, over 400 Model UN conferences are organized around the world and an estimated 400,000 students participate in these conferences. Any student can participate in Model U.N., so long as they have the ambition to learn something new, and to work with people to try and make a difference in the world. Model U.N. participants tend to go on to become great leaders in politics, law, business, education and even medicine. Participating in an international model UN conference adds to the resume of students who are interested in studying abroad.

Frontiers Edutainment and Best Delegate
Frontiers Edutainment has entered into an exclusive arrangement with Best Delegate, an educational organization based in the United States that focusses on helping students, teachers, and parents get started and find success in Model United Nations.

Best Delegate provides Model UN training for high school and college students through its camps, workshops, online courses, private coaching, and strategy guides. The organization also works with schools to create educational materials, integrate Model UN into curriculum, and provide training and advice to help these organizations grow their programs and conferences. You can read more about Best Delegate at

Best Delegate will help students from India hone their skills before they represent their country at prestigious Model UN Camps around the world through pre-conference workshops and camps.

How Can Frontiers Help Your School With Model UN Conferences?

Frontiers Edutainment can
1. Facilitate participation of your students in some of the prestigious Model UN conferences around the world by taking care of the paper work, foreign exchange payments, visa applications and travel arrangements.
2. Provide a pre-conference workshop for your students in association with Best Delegate to sharpen their skills including writing position papers, public speaking, diplomacy etc.
3. Organize visits to places of interest at select locations after the conference ends.
4. Provide support and advice for teachers without international travel experience.
5. Provide an experienced tour director if required.

Please email us at contact@frontiersedu.comfor further details.


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