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Frontiers Edutainment Advantages

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Stress Free Tours
Tour by Frontiers Edutainment are organized months in advance and every little details is taken care of. From the visas to air tickets, hotels to local transportation, tickets for attractions to meals, you will find that everything is perfectly in order so that your child enjoys a stress free tour experience.


Learning for a lifetime
All programs from Frontiers Edutainment are primarily educational in nature. Participants for our tours, not only expand their minds; they also develop a lot of confidence in their own abilities and discover their talents.


Lifelong Friends
Whether it's interacting with astronauts at NASA, climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris or seeing how the latest BMW model is assembled in Germany, travelling with friends makes it all the more enjoyable for your child.


Tour Directors To Help
Tour Directors from Frontiers Edutainment are passionate, knowledgeable and interested in learning themselves. They are always there for your child to sort out any issues during the tour

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