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Business and Leadership Camp

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Frontiers Model Business Analyst (MBA) Camp

The Frontiers - Best Delegate Model Business Analyst (MBA) Camp is a fun and enriching five-day programme that develops students’ business leadership skills. Students will engage in various activities that will expose them to financial and managerial skills, career preparation, and understanding of global business issues. Highlights of the program include an executive strategy simulation and a business plan pitch competition. The leadership experience gained from this camp will be valuable not only for college admissions and job recruiting but also serves as a foundation for a future career in finance, consulting, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Camp Highlights:

  • Introduction to core business topics such as marketing, advertising, financial Statements, business strategy, globalization etc. through lectures, projects and simulations.
  • Business plan pitch competition
  • Development of soft skills such as public speaking, presentation skills, negotiation skills
  • Opportunity to experience studies at a University in the United States.


The business and entrepreneurship camps will be also hosted at prestigious universities such as Yale University, University of California or Columbia University depending on availability of accommodation and conference facilities.


The camp will be organized in collaboration with Best Delegate and will have faculty from that company along with guest speakers from the university where the programme will be hosted and from industry.

Best Delegate is a leading education company that helps students around the world develop

the leadership skills and knowledge they need to get into top-tier universities and launch their careers at world-class companies. Best Delegate was co-founded by Ryan Villanueva, an alumnus of Yale Universityand Kevin Felix Chan, an alumnus of UCLA. Ryan is a former employee of Goldman Sachs, the largest investment bank globally Kevin is a former employee of AT&T, one the world’s largest telecom companies.

Dates: May, June 2015

Last Date for registration: Feb 1, 2015

Age Group: 14 to 18

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